August 30, 2017

About Us

Our Mission

Good Samaritan for Africa is a Not-for-Profit organisation dedicated to reaching out and providing benevolent relief of the disadvantage, distress, suffering and helplessness affecting vulnerable persons in underprivileged communities both locally and internationally.

Our Purpose

Good Samaritan for Africa main purpose is the benevolent relief of disadvantage, distress, suffering, helplessness experienced by “Vulnerable Persons”.

The “vulnerable persons” Good Samaritan for Africa assists are refugees from the African continent now living in Victoria and suffering disadvantage, distress, suffering, helplessness and resulting unemployment arising from mental illness. This includes, but is not limited to, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which brings flashbacks (of war, famine, displacement from their own countries in Africa) and panic attacks that can render them emotionally volatile.

In an effort to release some burden off the healthcare system in third world country hospitals and clinics and in line with its purpose, Good Samaritan for Africa engages in programs to provide surplus medical supplies, and equipment to the public and non-profit health organisation of underprivileged communities in Africa.

Without limiting the generality of the Association’s main purpose, the objects of the Association include:

  1. to carry on business as a financially self-sufficient, not for profit Association comprised of members;
  2. to develop, promote, advocate for and/or encourage opportunities and activities that provide better living conditions and care for Vulnerable Persons, thereby assisting them to achieve a better quality and enjoyment of life;
  3. to work with relevant entities including, but not limited to, government, semi-government, non-government, public, private and other authorities, instrumentalities, businesses, companies, individuals, charities and other bodies or interest groups wishing to assist and promote the interests and dignity of, Vulnerable Persons; and
  4. to provide funding to other entities for the purposes of one or more of the above objects.

Operating Principles

Credibility and Integrity ~ We will be honest. We won’t make promises we can’t keep, and we will keep the promises that we’ve made.

Competence ~ We will become experts in our area of service. We will gain an increasing body of knowledge and expertise to be used to see our vision become reality.

Creativity and Ingenuity ~ We will endeavour to pioneer new ways of meeting the needs of others, being stewards of our resources and solving problems—from the small inconveniences to the major obstacles.

 Excellence in Service ~ We will do our best work to provide the maximum benefit for the people we serve and in meeting the needs each other, our donors, our partners, and the sick and dying around the world.

Stewardship ~ Despite the fact that most of our assets are donations, we will remember the source and value of these and treat each as a gift.