September 12, 2017

Sleep Well Project

Getting the good night’s sleep that your body needs is essential for health and wellbeing. For people living on the streets or in shelters that don’t have access to a bed, a locked door this is often difficult or impossible.

Good Samaritan for Africa is delighted to partner with Carers of Africa (CoA) for an amazing initiate called “Sleep Well Project”, this project will see unwanted plastic shopping bags transformed into useful mats and pillows. By simply crocheting strips of plastic bags together, plastic sleeping mat and pillows are made, which can be distributed to homeless people to provide comfort and warmth.  The plastic bag mats are moisture resistant, repel parasites, durable, lightweight, easy to store, and make a great temperature barrier.

This is a wonderful project that also brings to light the magnitude of the problems faced by homeless people and Good Samaritan for Africa is determined to play a proactive role in improving the conditions they live in.

Get involved and donate your unwanted plastic bags today!

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OR CONTACT: 03 9706 9887 MON – FRI 9AM – 5PM